About Thai Lottery

About Thailand Lottery

The Thailand lottery is actual and taken very seriously in Thailand because it is the only source of gambling allowed here in Thailand. This system is very uncommon as compared to the western world. In Thailand, you will have to take lottery tickets from agents with your own given 6 digits numbers.

Lottery tickets are held twice in a month, Day 1 of the month and the 16th of the month. Cost of every ticket is 80 baht. Each ticket contains two parts, the top, and the bottom part. The ticket will come in a pair you are not able to get only one part. However, if you win, your prize will be doubled. The ticket contains 6 digits and you buy you have to choose those numbers by yourself. When the numbers are drawn live on television, there are probably 20 drawn every time as they will show all the numbers according to the number of prizes started.

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