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Thai lottery is one of the best games in Thailand. Our blog especially design for Thai Lottery result and 3up sure tips. People use to play this game because this game will him them to earn money. This is the only legal game their so people are addicted to this. This is officially organized by the Government of Thailand itself. This game is more excited for gamblers so here we are providing you many tips according to this game which is best.

Thai Lottery 3up – Thai Lottery Paper – Thai Lottery Result Today

Our website thailotteryresulttips.com will allow you to get the best numbers for Thai lottery games and have many other tips for this game. We are giving the best 3up tips and also provide you the latest Thai lottery draw live of this game.

1.Thai Lottery Tips 01-10-2019: 


2.Thai lottery 3up ( Winning Numbers)

Some numbers are very helpful and useful and every gambler used these 3up pairs digits for their game and wants to win the lottery and earns money through this lottery. These Thai Lottery 3up tips are linked with Thai lottery numbers like the single digit of the Thai Lottery games which have the best chance that you can win the game by taking help from this Vip lotto tips & sure number.

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3. Thai lottery Paper | first (1st) Second (2nd) Last 

Thai lottery 4pc paper online is those paper which is easily available on the internet. You can get this paper from our website these papers will give you better and best tips for Thai lottery there are many papers according to this game, for example, Thai lottery 4PC paper Last paper magazine, First (1st) second (2nd) and 3UP and other many formulas for the best cut digits, by using these numbers you can surely win  lottery and earn money from the lottery.

Our formulas and VIP tips are given by experts and also collected from Thailand lottery last results. We are providing you these tips and formulas on our website with free of cost. You can visit our website if you want to earn and won the Thailand lottery.

4.Thailand Lottery Result | Win Win Thai Lottery 

Thai Lottery results today draw held at GLO headquarters of every 1st and 16th of the month. If these dates will come on any holiday then this will be done on the next day. GLO invite 10 Respectful members are from the private and public sector and some of them are from the media sector. One of them is selected as “Draw Chairman”, who governs the draw. All this will come on television at 3 pm to 4 pm on the day of the draw. You can also watch the Thailand lottery result  on youtube and official government website

5.Issuing Awards

Experts from other agencies will come and other guests who are from private and public sectors and from media will come to witness in issuing 10 prizes.

By the chairman of the BOD each award being supervisor of the award, according to the following steps

1 First of all the director of the board check the neatness of the equipment in detail before prizing.

2 Secondly, the chairman will issue a sound award, take a rubber ball and set it in the wheel the whole number of 6 digits will install in the wheel and arrange according to ten hundred thousand, thousand hundred thousand.

3 The committee provides a reward to check the equipment completely, issue another prize. Before starting a prize set the numbers of the wheel out for the prize box as president.

4 Ball picks for prize position, 2nd position color ball is yellow and for 3rd is pink. An automatic machine is used to take the ball.

5 Now wheel will be turned by the staff of other agencies and every 4th and 5th position will be announced for the 4th green color ball is used and for 5th silver color is used.

6 After the completion of 2nd and 5th, the chairman of the committee will issue the prize.

6. Thai Lottery Prize Money Rules

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